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To provide resources and skills training for circular product development to entrepreneurs of Caribbean SIDS while raising awareness of vulnerabilities to climate change. 


To develop a thriving circular economy of entrepreneurs and  influence effective climate change resilience strategies on Caribbean SIDS. 

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated team at CSFDG: passionate about bridging gaps, building capacity, and preserving Grenada. With a diverse skill set, we facilitate social and economic empowerment of entrepreneurs on Caribbean SIDS. Join us in shaping a resilient, well-informed,  and sustainable island future. 

CSFDG Members

CSFDG Members are a special part of our team, they own local sustainable businesses and mentor our ambassadors to grow small businesses with high quality products and a circular economy approach.

CSFDG Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are catalysts for change at the local level, serving as dedicated stewards of sustainability education. They play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable creative economy in Grenada and beyond.

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory board consists of experts  in sustainability, finance, design, and hospitality. They have our best interest in mind, are passionate about preserving Grenada’s natural beauty, and provide expert advice and support as needed. 

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